Fresh, frozen and dry food products

In France, we are sensitive to land, history and poetry.
That is why we have made it our mission to offer our customers the most unique experience as possible.
Our gustatory selections combine the delicacy of the French tradition and the freshness of foreign flavors in orderraffi to satisfy all desires.

Caviar: fresh, refined and delicious

Today considered as the most luxurious and refined food in the world, we are proud to source and supply the best caviars, carefully packaged in a dedicated laboratory and approved to European standards. Rigorous quality controls are applied to each preparation.
Let yourself be amazed by the richness of caviar secrets revealed by the finesse of our special selections.
What to revive your taste buds !

Meat and poultry: exceptional quality organic, Label Rouge, IGP

Waguy, Black Angus, Charolais, Galician beef, Iberian pork, Pyrenean lamb, Bresse chicken… we are committed to selecting excellent and world-renowned varieties. Attached to the soil, we also honor the artisanal productions. We make sure that our craftsmen follow traditional methods to produce noble and exceptional meats recognized worldwide for their marbling, their velvety textures and their sweet flavors.
The poultry are raised in the open air where they can run and build up their muscles to the greatest benefit of the quality of their meat. Their food is GMO-free grain, and all of them are Label Rouge or Bleu Blanc Coeur certified or organic.

Delicatessen, foie gras: two institutions!

Excellent Holiday companions, these must-haves will attract you in few seconds. Tasty and melting in the mouth, we offer you the best products in all their forms and in all simplicity.
Our Delicatessen and foies gras come from animals raised with the best respect for their well-being: wide open spaces, natural and GMO-free food, and even organic food, and most of the time bearing the Bleu Blanc Coeur label. All animals are slaughtered in units that comply with very strict sanitary standards and in stress-free environmental conditions, which also guarantee the optimal quality of the processed product.

Cheese and creamery: an art!

We point out the expertise of our farm producers by offering an exhaustive range of pure pleasures. Come to discover these living products which are the result of an immoderate passion, and supplied at the best of their maturation. Our range covers all the varieties available on the market and will bring you an exceptional taste experience: fresh, smooth and delicate.

Fruits and vegetables: freshness & quality

We mobilize all our energy to provide you with a wide range of fresh, varied and seasonal fruits and vegetables from the best regions. Thanks to our agricultural, commercial and logistical knowledge, we are supplied directly by our market gardeners who always respect the best quality standards. Rungis market, where we are present through our purchasing office, can also supply us with all the fruits and vegetables in the world, but we are committed to offering you the best French and even European seasonal products with the greatest respect for the environment: Organic, hand-picked, short circuits…

Seafood, shellfish and crustaceans: real iodine freshness

Oysters, lobsters and scallops, these real treasures of the sea will bring you finesse and lightness in the development of your menus. Synonymous with pleasure, sharing and conviviality, these festive dishes can be enjoyed throughout the seasons and are a mine of goodness within reach of our forks! Our presence at Rungis Market allows us to have access to the best French fishing products through several fishmongers from whom the capital’s starred chefs obtain their supplies. But above all, we are proud to source our products DIRECTLY from the fishing ports on the French coast (Brittany, Normandy, etc.), buying the fish and shellfish when they are unloaded from the boats!

Fish salted meats: an odyssey of freshness

Our supply is the same as for our caviar: marinated or smoked fish with the greatest respect for the product and its gustatory and organoleptic qualities. All our products are wild or organic. They undergo a light salting/smoking, the spices used have for only goal the sublimation of the taste of an exceptional product.

Fine grocery: the marriage of the good and the beautiful.

Integral part of our French inheritance, these treasures of smoothness will make you succumb of pleasure. Jams, honeys, chocolates, herbs and truffled condiments, we combine epicureanism and richness of flavors. Here again, our presence on Rungis market allows us to have access to a whole range of delicatessen products. But we also have access, thanks to exceptional suppliers, to spices and infusions from all over the world: teas from all origins, vanillas, peppers, etc. Of course, our geographical proximity to the capital of the country of the gastronomy allows us to find the rare pearls our customers may need.

Prestige waters: for the best tables

To accompany a refined cuisine, nothing beats an exceptional water. Even in the finest hotels or in starred restaurants, premium waters seduce and give relief to the flavors of the finest dishes. Flat or with a fine sparkle, they offer you the best of nature.